Saka Organic Foods - Our Story

The birth


Our story

Our story began in 2009. Back then the Nigerian organic agriculture community were actively living in the organic stone age, with little or no awareness and respect for healthy foods or naturally grown/produced foods from the rural areas.Having worked for World Wide Opportunity On Organic Farms and Slow Foods Foundation as a volunteer, and in what looks like a small hobby, we gradually evolved into one of the biggest solution provider to organic farms in Africa. Using the brand name Saka Organic Foods, our numerous innovation has sparked a complete revolution in the poultry industry in Africa. Today, our products and training are the key ingredients of success in organic poultry farming in Africa. We have also developed powerful solutions for crop production. Our plant based herbal pesticides and Liquid sulfur developed from "Imi Ojo" is the most effective solution to eradicate diseases and pests on organic farms.

"Our flagship products allows poultry farmers to grow birds without vaccination and synthetic drugs, by using a special method of extraction to blend herbs and spices from the tropical rainforest of Africa, hence keeping alive the several claims in folktales of the efficacy and importance of the African herbs in human and animal health."

- Saka Adesoji